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Knockothie Farms is a family run farming business in the North East of Scotland. Based next to the town of Ellon in the heart of Aberdeenshire the farm is owned and run by the Davidson family.

We have set up this website to enable both the public and farmers to have a look at our farming systems and practices. Our aim is to be informative and we would like to be able to educate people on the techniques we have invested in and are using on our farm.


Modern farming relies far more on technology than ever before, like every other industry we have to constantly challenge our efficiencies whilst also providing a safe working environment for our employees. We also have a duty of care to wildlife and the environment, more now than ever we are aware that our inputs are precious so are striving to use them as efficiently as possible. Climate change is also an area of concern and we are having to look to the future to try and adapt our systems to cope with weather patterns that are changing.

With the world population increasing there is an ongoing need to increase World food production, the potential land available for food production will always decrease as infrastructures grow to accommodate more people. Therefore the challenge ahead for farmers is to increase food production per land area. In this website we will demonstrate how we are looking to use technology and good management practices to increase our production, whilst also remaining a sustainable farming business for the next generation.


If you have any questions of would like to get in touch then please feel free to use the details on the contact page.

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